I just had the weirdest dream. It was two dreams one after another, actually, but they had the same ending.

I saw a flock of gorgeous big black birds with crimson pearl shine breasts. They looked like black crows, only the beaks were smooth, and the birds in general looked very elegant.

They all landed on the grass really near my home. Immidiately I started taking their pictures with my smartphone. It was difficult to get a good shot. I might have gotten only one or two…

But before I could take a good shot, I was attacked by a giant rat and some other animal. It seemed that the rat wasn’t happy with me taking pictures of the birds. It was like some wicked magic was protecting the beautiful birds. It (the protection) wasn’t for their benefit, but the birds were completely indifferent to the event. Like a force of nature they held a presence almost completely ignoring the subjects around them (me, some other people, the attacker animals).



Black Bird with red breast. They looked almost like this, only bigger. And their breasts were blood-red and had that pearl shine to them…


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